HydroVeg Kit at 5 weeks
Summer Tomatoes (container versions)

Gardening made easy! 

No dirt, no digging, no weeding, no slugs, no snails,  
no constant watering! 
Get a year-round supply of fresh vegetables with minimum of space, no fuss and grows quickly. 
You can grow flowers too, creating a wall of fabulous colour with little watering. 
Growing Veg 360 days a year outside, with no soil..only water and minerals! 
Fabulous School Offer March - May 2018 contact Sue for details - 07957135601 


Ethical Green Business of the Year FSB Nominee 2018
Start Up Business of the Year FSB Awards Nominee 2018 Nominee for Woman Who Awards 2018
HydroVeg Kits were been nominated by Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) 2018 
"Start Up Business Of The Year" and "Ethical- Green Business Of The Year" 
We WON the Regional West Midlands Awards on 16th March 2018 at the NEC 
and were finalists at the National Finals of FSB Awards 2018 in London. 
"Thank you to all the people who have helped and supported us to get this far. It was an honour to be nominated among 122 exceptional businesses in the UK" Sue 
HydroVeg Kits is proud to be a Finalist for the Annual "Women Who..Awards" "Innovation through STEM" 2018 
"What a priviledge to be part of this major Womens Award" Sue 
HYDROVEG KITS WON GREEN BUSINESS OF THE YEAR -November 17 with F2N Business Network Awards in Wales, and shortlisted for the Rachel Elnaugh Enterprise Award.  
Green Business of the year with F2N in Wales

What is hydroponics? 

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water without soil. Minerals and nutrients are added to the water so the plants produce fruits and vegetables. Your HydroVeg Kit is straightforward to build, doesn't need huge amounts of space, and needs no digging or weeding.  
The HydroVeg Kits at the beginning of its life
Winter Veg in full bloom
Summer Veg - Corgettes are a must
Summer Courgettes
With a hydroponic HydroVeg garden you can grow just about anything that grows above the ground - from those healthy vegetables including kale, spinach, purple sprouting broccoli, french beans, peas (container peas), aubergines, Swiss chard and my favourite grower.. courgette, to salad veg such as tomatoes, lettuce, chives, parsley, miniature basil and mini cucumber. We're even having success with strawberries and container blackberries - keep an eye on our blog for updates!  
You can grow veg ALL year round by switching from summer produce to winter produce. Great eating and still looks fabulous in the darker days of winter.  
For the winter we had plentiful winter kale and spinach...even through the frost!!! 
Ever fancied just going outside and picking your own salad and veg? You can with our HydroVeg Kit. Find out more on our FAQ page
Here's a little video showing you what you can  
grow in your HydroVeg Kit. 
See how quickly the plants grow in just 8 weeks! 
Summer Container Tomatoes in the HydroVeg kit
Summer Strawberries (container version)
Herbs like parsley and small leafed basil grow beautifully in our kit, too. They don’t take up much space and retain more of their aromatic oils when grown in hydroponic systems, so you get more flavour. 
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