Here are some testimonials from our HydroVeg Kit clients. We'd love to hear from you too - how has your HydroVeg garden grown?  
Get in touch and send us your pictures. 
"I have had my HydroVeg kit for about a month now. I've planted tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, courgettes, bok choi and broccoli. It's been amazing. All the plants have grown fantastically and now I'm starting to have fresh vegetables in my salads and stir-fries. In the hot weather you need to top up the water regularly as the plants are very thirsty - but it beats watering everything every day - and uses much less water. I turn the HydroVeg off at night (and I put the plug into a bag in case it rains). Can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen! Thanks Sue - I love it!" 
Sarah Thompson, Rugby