Customers Photos and Feedback   It is lovely to recieve customers photos and progress updates. We regularly update our customers with hints and tips, any new items we are introducing, such as this month we told them we were trialling a new nutrient and that some customers were giving this new nutrient a go as well as us.   Customers often send us pictures of their kits and also let us know whats growing well and what isnt. However what we realise is some sat they are having problems with one veg/fruit and others say they are growing really well!!! Its always a mystery to us, and quite honestly it depends on the variety being used, the growing time, and obviously whether Polly is in charge or not!! (see below)  We hope the group see it as a community. We are really doing things that other growers do not do and its special to see how people are using the kits and the level of success they have.   Please send us info on what YOU are growing and send us your pics!!!! 

IAN'S KIT ON 26th MAY 2019  
We met Ian Robertson, his wife and their little daughter Polly at the "Field to Fork" Family Day at Harper Adams University in Shropshire. They loved the Kit and wanted Polly to start growing her own veg. 
Ian's garden 19th July 2019
IAN'S KIT ON JUNE 16th 2019 
Ian and his family wanted to grow beans, so put some canes in as a trial. Polly ran out and checked the Kit every morning for "Creepy Crawlies" and to check her plants. 
On the left is Ian's garden on the 19th july 2019 - just 8 weeks after planting...amazing, well done Ian. 
IAN'S KIT ON 29th JUNE 2019 
One month and three days and look at the difference in Polly's Kit. She has obviously been looking after it so well. Ian says in a text to me "Hi Sue The veg has just gone nuts and we are now taking a few cuts for salads under the watchful eye of Polly. I could do with a Severn Trent Water tanker here to keep filling it up so the single nutrients would be great. 
Don’t think I’ve seen such healthy looking veg and will keep you updated 
Thanks - Ian 
Sheila Peck from Seven Oaks in Kent, met us last year at BBC Gardeners World. She emailed me a message in July 2019. "Thanks for the regular updates Sue. We are thrilled with our HydroVeg Kit. I gave it a test run with a wide range of plants. We had fantastic crop of winter cabbage, lettuce, spinach and rainbow chard. The roots from the chard were massive massive and bright red. They certainly needed a lot of pruning. We have had a great crop of strawberries and are now awaiting our first green and yellow courgettes. The only failure we have had were our broad beans . I sow broad beans in the Autumn in tubs. I tried 2 plants in the HydroVeg kit but both rotted. We shall try again when I have space". Sheila followed on her email by saying "I think the problem may have been putting them in in the Autumn, so the combination of rain, water and frost damaged them. I currently have 2 French bean plants cropping so next year I will try them in the Spring" The great thing about our customers is they are happy to share their successes and disappointments - we are all learning and it is great to learn from each other. 
Rose Wong from Liverpool - who we met at Southport Flower Show said "Hi Sue I am enjoying the HydroVeg kit but one thing I have found is that seasons overlap and I still have winter veg growing. The only things that havn't done well is tomatoes and my spinach bolted. Does anyone else find that?" I said..."My spinach bolted too but that's probably because was saving it for a show and really should have eaten it sooner. I still have winter veg and its doing fine- we must eat more!!! The tomatoes do great in some Kits and not so good in the others. I suppose its due to the variety, maybe the position of the Kit in the garden...? The new nutrients we are testing has a higher level of Pottassium, so that might help. I am growing tomatoes at the moment - tumbling toms primarly... so I will see how they improve with the new nutrients. We are always looking for improvement and to share ideas. The customers are an amazing group of forward thinking people - who have found an alternative way to grow. 
Hannah in Oxfordshire has started again with some of her veg... she is new to growing but is insistant on getting her veg to the same level as mine...she was a STAR and helped us on the stand the the BBC Gardeners World and learned alot. Also thanks to Pam from Saddleworth who was one of our earliest customers who has helped us at Southport Folower Show last year, at BBC GW this year and will also be at RHS Tatton and Southport this year...a true glutton for punishment. What fab customers we have.  
I really hate it when people have a difficulty with one veg or another...but then I think..We could have that difficulty in the soil too, with too much of this and not enough of that. So overall I think as a Hydroponic Group we achieve amazing things with no soil in no space..!! 
Here is Hannah's comparison between her HYDROVEG® and soil based plants. Thanks Hannah for the pics. 
Alison from Lutterworth is having her first year of HydroVeg with Lockdown!! She says "I absolutely love our kit we are cropping broccoli and kale leaves at least once a week likewise with salad leaves. Tonight I will be stir frying the first beans and mange tout to be picked. There are little toms, chillis and peppers all coming along brilliantly. The free water feature is just glorious. I did my first root trim at the weekend and everything survived except the courgette which has always been a bit sickly so I was obviously too brutal. It might rally but I have some replacements on order. Cabbage White has laid eggs for the first time today but were quickly squashed they are around the plants every day but those were the first casualties!" 
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